Dinner by the Sri Lanka Culinary Olympic Team

A Dinner hosted by IDL was put together by the Sri Lanka Culinary Olympic Team Guided by Chef Gerard Mendis. 

Under the auspices of the Chaine des Rotissuers, Sri Lanka Baillage: a Dinner by the Sri Lankan Culinary Olympic Chefs under the guidance of Chef Gerard Mendis with Old Reserve cocktails by Maestro Mixologist Antonio Parlepaino. An event that will be spoken about for a long time.


Arrack as it was, Arrack as it should be.


The journey began with:


Brandade et Homard

Slow Poached lobster brandade, Old Reserve Arrack & Champagne marbled Norwegian Salmon with tomato and basil jelly, sour crème


Terrine de Canard et Fois Gras

Duck & foie gras terrine with beetroot cooler. Jerusalem artichoke crème and orange brioche crackers and Port glazed pear


The Journey

Old Reserve Arrack Revival laced with Passion fruit, Orange Bitters and Champagne Rosé.

Elegant Fruity complex for a sophisticated sipping


You can look at the rest of the menu found in the gallery below.